When all you can see is the nights stars

And you think to yourself you might move to Mars

Be away from all the people who make you mad

And not have to hear those words that make you sad

Instead you’ll just sit in your own little bubble

And wonder why people like to cause so much trouble.



When you walk through life all alone

It makes your heart cold and closed to the blessings this world has to offer

Stop and watch the world around see the beauty in each moment

Reach out to those who can teach you to love

Love life love each other love yourself

You are strong you are blessed you are a blessing to the world

Open your heart and feel the warmth

You me forever

Our hearts speak in a language only we know and we travel along the story built for only us.

We understand each others point of view, speaking truths only meant for just us two.

Hand in hand we feel what the other feels learning to love as we both need.

Our desire burns with a light only our eyes can see and draws us in from the darkness.

I love you with everything I am.

I give to you all that I can.

Without words I tell you how much you mean to me and this bond is more true than all of the world.

The stars guide us back to each other and no matter where you go I will always be beside you every step of the way.

I love you and that’s all I need to know.